Remote Home Automation

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Now with Honeywell Total Connect Services and remote home automation you can have complete mobile control in the palm of your hand. You can remotely arm, disarm or check the status of you security system. receive real-time alerts via text or email, control your lights, locks and thermostats from wherever you are, even enjoy live video on up to six camera's.
Instantly turn on select indoor and outdoor lights from your office computer or smartphone to arrive to a well-lit home or create on and off schedules to simulate a lived-in look when you are away.
Honeywell Total Connect remote home automation goes far beyond simply setting timers on your lights and re-programming your thermostat for the seasons.


Instantly turn on select indoor and outdoor lighting with your smartphone or office computer to arrive to a well-lit home, program your system to turn your lights off an hour after you go to bed.  Create on and off schedules to create a lived-in look when you're away.  You can program scenes for security or ambience, and control your lights from any remote location.

Live Video

LOG ON AND LOOK IN!!  View live video on cameras.  Want to see when your kids arrive home from school, check in on a loved one at home, keep an eye on your pets, make sure an important delivery arrives or screen visitors at your entrance way.  You can view Honeywell live streaming video in and around your home whenever and wherever you want on smartphones, tablets, tv's, or PC's.  You can even receive clips of important events when they occur.


Savings, Comfort and Control.  Set your thermostat to automatically adjust everytime you arm or disarm your security system.  Design customized settings for your thermostat and adjust from your smartphone from wherever you are for your comfort.

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